Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Recipe: Grilled capsicum salad

My oldest friend lives in Spain.  We went to school together in the UK, she married a Spaniard and lives in Barcelona with her four children and I married in the UK and came to live in Australia as a young woman.  Over 20 years ago we took our kids on a big tour of Europe and stayed with them in Barcelona. Now my friend Gillian is a good cook (the longest emails we send to each other are about food!) which she studied at College and is emersed in the culture and food of where she lives - Catalan country.

When we stayed with them the children had a late afternoon snack, which was either this recipe or fantastic slice of strong bread wiped with a clove of garlic, smashed and smothered with a succulent ripe tomato, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt - no vegemite sandwiches for this lot!.  OR, this delicious grilled pepper salad with crusty bread. I have been making it regularly since and is a real winner.

4 ripe red capsicum, grilled with the skin removed
(to see how - go to this previous post)
1 fat clove of garlic sliced
About ten anchovies
1 tbs capers (I use pickled nasturtium - see previous post)
Enough good olive oil to cover salad

Serve with good crusty bread and extra sea salt and black pepper.

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